Kingsley was born in the southeast of Nigeria and obtained his bachelor’s degree in polymer engineering from the Federal University of Technology in Owerri, Nigeria. Afterwards, he studied jointly at the University of Freiburg in Germany and the University of Strasbourg in France and obtained a double master’s degree in sustainable Materials-polymer science and material and nanoscience-polymer engineering respectively. Since October 2020, he joined the University of Pau. The goal of his project is to control the self-assembly of ion-conducting copolymer blends for electrochemical energy storage. His work experience in electrochemistry, polymer synthesis and characterization with AFM, FTIR and EIS will be very handy for the realization of the project objectives.

“I am passionate about sustainability and clean energy, and my long-term research question is on how to tailor materials with unique electro-mechanochemical properties so they can meet the needs of the energy industry and that why I’am excited to be ESR12 in POLYSTORAGE ITN.”, Kingsley states. When he is not in the laboratory doing experiments, you can find him either having some sparring sessions in the boxing gym or with some friends having fun.