Isaac was born and raised in Mexico. He obtained his Bachelor and Master degree in Chemistry and Chemistry – Energy – Environment from the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena in Germany.

During his bachelor thesis, he worked on gel polymer electrolytes for organic batteries and during his master´s on a model for the estimation of the State‑of‑Charge of Na/NiCl2 batteries.

Isaac has undertaken two research stays in Spain and in the Netherlands, where he worked on nano particles with antimicrobial properties and with a high‑throughput platform to synthesize polymeric materials and investigate their applications as novel surfactants.

During his PhD at the Catholic University of Louvain he will work with block copolymers incorporating three functionalities: redox polymer for energy storage, conducting polymer to ensure electrical conductivity and solid polymer electrolyte ensuring good ion conductivity for ion‑exchange processes. “I am motivated to contribute to the development of powerful, inexpensive and environmentally friendly energy storage systems and I believe that the POLYSTORAGE project will provide me with a unique opportunity to achieve this goal.”, he stated at the beginning of his PhD in August.

Besides his passion for chemistry he likes photography and mountain bike.