The POLYSTORAGE consortium, consisting of all 16 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), >20 scientists-in-charge & supervisors, 10 representatives from partner organisations as well as the REA project officer, met on 6 October 2021 for this online event. After the introduction of the consortium, information from the project officer and an overview of the developments in the project from the coordinator, the ESR had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to talk about their experiences in the POLYSTORAGE project in an internal meeting with the project officer. After an internal discussion between the project officer and the coordinator, the project officer summed up the day. His very positive feedback despite the many challenges posed by the Covid 19 pandemic was very encouraging and so we are confidently starting the next phase of the project.

Our special thanks to all POLYSTORAGE members who contributed to the success of this event, especially our ESRs for their very nicely structured informative short presentations and the REA project officer for his kind and continuous support during this time!