In recent months, the activities of EU-funded projects in the field of redox flow battery research and technology have been pooled to create synergies. Under the leadership of FlowCamp-ETN, nine projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme have joined forces to form the FLORES network.  This initiative is supported by the Horizon Results Booster. 

In addition to POLYSTORAGE and FlowCamp, the HIGREEW, SONAR, CuBER, MELODY, CompBat, BALITH and MFreeB projects are part of the network. Recently, two new members – HyFlow and Bi3BoostFlowBat – joint the network.

 In March 2021, researchers from the FLORES network were invited to the “NEXT GENERATION – Flow Battery Conference and Networking Event” organised by the FlowCamp project.

Our POLYSTORAGE early stage researchers (ESRs) had the opportunity to join almost 250 other participants to attend very interesting talks on different materials, models, concepts and systems of flow battery research and to exchange ideas with other redox flow researchers during the networking sessions.

A highlight for our ESRs was the special networking session between the “early-stage” POLYSTORAGE ESRs and the “late-stage” FLOWCAMP ESRs, where they received valuable tips from their experienced colleagues not only for their scientific but also for their personal careers.

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Fischer, the FlowCamp coordinator, for organising such a successful event!