After an intense planning phase aiming for an on-site meeting in Pau, France, the progress meeting finally had to be held online.

While waiting for our last ESR fellow to join soon, most of our ESRs were able to start working in the lab in the last months and presented their latest research results and plans during the meeting!

The active participation of ESRs, supervisors and researchers from the POLYSTORAGE consortium as well as partner organisations, with more than 35 participants in total, made our online meeting an inspiring and successful event where experiences and ideas were shared to advance research in the POLYSTORAGE consortium.

In the late afternoon, the meet-the-mentor event brought together the ESRs with their co-mentors from academia and industry. Despite the delay of the individual sub-projects due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these individual conversations on a personal level helped to pave the way for the planned secondmends and gave helpful perspectives and support for the ESRs to move their projects forward! 

We are very much looking forward to the next POLYSTORAGE event, the Summer School in Uppsala (Sweden) in June 2021, and hope that the first personal meeting of the ESRs since the beginning of the project will be possible!