She has a background in Materials Science and Engineering with interests on clean energy materials. During her bachelor’s at Imperial College London, UK she designed the battery system for an economic electric vehicle. While during her master’s, her research focused on solar energy and thin film technology.

She will be working as an ESR with FAAM research center (Roberto Beretta). The goal of her project will be to develop in-situ polymerization using UV-induced thermal polymerization processes, fabrication of all-solid Li-ion polymer cells at lab-scale as well as design a suitable pilot plant to implement the developed process and realize a basic proof-of-concept engineering. “POLYSTORAGE is one of the most advanced research projects that will tackle the current technological limitations by developing highly innovative polymer electrolytes and polymer active materials for the next generation of energy storage technologies.”, she says.

In her spare time, she loves adventures and enjoys traveling and reading psychology and history books.