Veselin Miroslavov Veselinov is energy storage product manager at E22.

He finished his Energy Engineering degree working on high voltage transmission lines in 2012 at the University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain. He has a strong background on engines and fuel management systems in the transport sector. Afterwards, he joined IMDEA Energy to work on electrochemical systems (in particular Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries, VRFBs), on CFD simulation as well as developing sealing and assembling techniques for flow battery stacks. He continued his career in E22 as an operations manager, developing VRFBs since 2015 taking to market system on the megawatt hour scale. During that time different stacks have been developed and successfully tested and two different sizes of systems have been certified by CE. Additionally, a new assembling method has been developed increasing the confidence and reducing the time and cost as well as methods to increase the safeness and efficiency of flow batteries.

Veselin Miroslavov Veselinov currently works on multimegawatt scale Lithium-ion batteries.


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