Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tim Bowden

I am Adriana Saldívar Martínez from Mexico. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and my Master’s degree in Polymer Technology from the Center for Research in Applied Chemistry (CIQA) in Mexico.

My Master’s thesis was focused on the development of sPEEK/GO composite proton exchange membranes for hydrogen fuel cells. I chose this area due to the current need to search for alternatives for power generation. Specifically, the field of innovative polymers is interesting since they have a great potential as promising technology aimed at the energy industry, particularly related to clean energy. The importance of the latter, and my desire of working in an international environment as well as the goal of building a future career as a researcher in this field has brought me to pursue a PhD at Uppsala University within the Polystorage ETN. I am working under the supervision of Prof. Tim Bowden on the development of ABC-type block copolymers with increased ionic conductivity and mechanical stability for their application as solid polymer electrolytes for Li-ion batteries.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, photography, and watching series.