The workshop, organised by the Friedrich Schiller University Jena together with UCLouvain, was held as an open hybrid meeting at the ZAF in Jena, Germany. The broad outreach of this event is reflected by over 100 registered participants (~80 external registrations) from 25+ different countries. While POLYSTORAGE members, speakers, and local scientists attended on-site, interested researchers from all over the world were able to follow the sessions online.

This successful symposium addressed the design and characterisation of innovative redox-active polymers as centerpiece in advanced battery solutions. The excellent talks including the plenary lectures of Hiroyuki Nishide, Bryan Boudouris, and Michael Aziz were given by leading experts in the field.

With joyful anticipation we look forward to our next meetings, the POLYSTORAGE Winterschool in Sestriere, Italy, in March, and the 6th Workshop in San Sebastián, Spain, in June 2023, organised by POLITO and POLYMAT, respectively!