The workshop, organised by the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU)/Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Solvionic, was held as an open hybrid meeting at the HIU in Ulm, Germany. The visibility and high interest of the community in this workshop is reflected in over 200 registrations (150 external registrations) from 30 different countries. In addition to around 170 online participants, 15 POLYSTORAGE members and speakers attended on-site, including 10 early-stage researchers!

During the two days, 11 talks were given by international experts in the field, including the plenary lectures by Michel Armand and Maria Forsyth as leading experts in the fields. This successful symposium addressed innovative approaches to tackle the major challenges of current battery research, including academic, technological and industrial aspects. The impressive list of speakers - from Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, China and Australia - illustrates the expertise gathered by Stefano Passerini and his team - thank you for organising such a great event!

Given the online-only events so far, we hope to increase the number of on-site participants in the future and look forward to the next workshop to be held in Helsinki, Finland, in May 2022, organised by Aalto University!